I'm here to offer my composer skills!

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I'm here to offer my composer skills!

Post by ShadyCicada on Sat Mar 14, 2015 1:45 am

Hey, guys! I'm Shady Cicada. I'm just a dude who really enjoys playing and composing music (and obviously video games). I'm able to compose in a variety of genres (especially to fit the atmosphere of a video game). Funny enough, video game music is my main influence for writing all of my normal rock/swing music too (and people always say it sounds like a video game). You can also probably tell I love talking so I'd love to throw in any insight in other fields (wherever you think I could help).

The first two Paper Mario games are my 2 most favorite games in the world. When I found out this project was happening, I was very excited. I wanted to ask about composing for a while now but none of the music I had up sounded very Paper Mario-esque, so I made a swingy boss-type track the other day that Gumbo ended up finding. He liked it and I'm pretty damn happy about that. I'll be posting whatever Paper Mario style ideas I come up with in the music sub-forum. I look forward to chatting with you guys! Lets make this happen.


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